Victoria is one of the oldest cities in Texas, founded by Martin de Leon in 1824. Located between Houston and Corpus Christi, Victoria is the perfect base camp for Coastal Bend region adventure. Come explore our rich history, check out our arts & festival scene, and enjoy nature or water recreation. Then, head out in any direction to follow the Texas Independence and Chisholm Trails or experience world class salt water fishing. Visit for more information.

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Explore Victoria History Trail

Follow the trail and get your "I Explored Victoria, Texas!" T-shirt today!

Visit three of the locations listed below, take a photograph or selfie at each and upload them to your Facebook profile. Be sure to tag or check-in to the Explore Victoria Texas Facebook page! Then come into the Visitors Center at 700 North Main, Suite 101 and we’ll give you a T-shirt! For those of you who are not social media savvy, visit at least three locations, come see us at the Visitors Center and tell us all about your experience. We can even take your photo here and post it to Facebook. How fun is that?

History Trail Locations

For your convenience, a printer-friendly list is available to download: Explore Victoria History Locations